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A note from Charlie and Kathleen

A note from Charlie and Kathleen

Dear friends,

Those of you who have been following the news this week have likely seen the coverage of the Thomas Fires in my hometown of Ventura County, California. My wife Kathleen and I had been monitoring the situation from Indianapolis. By mid-week, it became apparent that the fires were getting dangerously close to my family’s home, farming land and ranch in Santa Paula. We made the decision to travel to California in order to help family and friends.

Most importantly, our family is safe. Unfortunately there was a lot of damage to both structures and orchard trees at Kimball Ranches this week. Despite the challenges, we’re still very lucky, and we will rebuild. But there are a lot of displaced families that need to rebuild their lives as well and need some additional support to do so.

That’s where the United Way and Red Cross of Ventura County come in. They are here on the ground, providing the resources needed to help families start that process. Many of you have already reached out wanting to help. Please visit or text UWVC to 41444 to make a cash donation to the Thomas Fire Fund.

Ventura County is where we grew up and fell in love. We know this community will stand together, and from houses to farms we will come back stronger.

Thank you for the concern and support. We truly appreciate it.

Charlie and Kathleen

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