It’s true, I have a new part-time job… I’m the new @IMS Twitter Reporter for the month of May!

So what does this mean? Basically I’ll keep you updated on the all of the happenings throughout the month, from how I feel after a practice session to off-track activities… maybe even some fun “behind-the-scenes” exclusives. I’ll also be participating in a live chat via Twitter as well as a tweetup in the garage (stay tuned for dates on these).
How can you take part? Easy! Just follow me (@racewithinsulin), @IMS and @IndyCar all month long on Twitter. Also keep an eye on the #Indy500 hashtag to see what other fans are saying.
I told my friends at IMS that I’m willing to do the reporter’s job for a few extra laps before Indy 500 qualifying. Seems fair, right?!
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