One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is going around the dinner table and saying what we are thankful for each year. As my dining room table isn’t quite big enough to host all of you on Thursday, I’ve come up with a gratitude list, with an IndyCar twist. So, in no particular order, here’s what I’m thankful for this year:

• My wife, family and friends – I truly couldn’t do it without their support, both on and off the track.

• IndyCar fans! – Again, your support means more to me than you know. Whether I’m running up front or having a rough day, all of the tweets and high-fives always help remind me why I do what I do.

• Yellow flags/cautions – Well, OK, it’s 50/50 here. Sometimes they work out in your favor. Sometimes not.

• Pumpkin pie – The No. 83 was pumpkin-colored the past few years… so yes, I’m including pie on my list. Also, because PIE!

• The Holmatro Safety Team – As drivers, we’re lucky to have the leaders in motorsport safety on our side each and every time we take the track.

• Water bottles with really long straws – It tends to get really hot in an IndyCar, especially during long practice sessions. And normal cups just don’t work well while wearing a helmet.

• Porta-Potties on pit lane – You never know when you’ll have to go. Possibly related: see above.

• The CGR team and my partners – From the No. 83 crew to my friends at Novo Nordisk, it really is a big family. Including teammates that give you a nickname like “Charlie Murphy.”

Original image courtesy of LAT Photo USA

Original image courtesy of LAT Photo USA

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