In addition to my sessions at PitFit Training and lots of mountain biking this fall, I’ve picked up another activity this off-season: running. As an athlete, of course staying in shape is important. But I’m not Scott or Tony–I’d easily trade in my running shoes for a snowboard or surfboard any day. But my wife is a runner and set her sights on a half marathon this autumn, and she eventually persuaded me to join her.

We settled on the St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon for a few reasons. One, the date actually worked for both of our busy schedules. Two, we figured it might be (slightly) warmer in Memphis than Indy. Three (and the most important reason), the event benefits the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Through my work in the diabetes community, I visit children’s hospitals and often see first-hand the stress resulting from not only the actual illness or disease, but also the parents being away from their child and dealing with many unknowns. St. Jude Children’s works hard to make what will always be a tough situation as comfortable as possible for patients and their families.

Although I don’t think running 13.1 miles will ever be my favorite activity on a Saturday morning, I am glad it supports a good cause and organization. Please think good, fast thoughts for me on December 5th! You can track my progress live on race day here.


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