Life is full of good intentions….. I had intended to write a full blog about testing the car tomorrow and being really excited and talking about the team, but alas short is all I have time for!

I spent a lot of today at a meeting down in Florida that was a lot of fun. It was a full 2 hour business meeting that felt like 30 minutes. The fact that the office was right on the beach didn’t hurt. 🙂

And then I made some new adjustments to my suit layout and have to thank Sparco for doing such a good job and continuing to work with me.

Now I am super excited because I am in the race car tomorrow. It will be such a relief to get into the car knowing that it is the team I am racing for this season. We can make progress on the car and start really getting ready for the race in St. Pete next weekend. The weather should be great and we will be able to run as many miles as we want!

And then tomorrow night, the track is hosting a ‘Street Smart’ driving program for young drivers to improve their road driving skills. I have been asked to help as the resident ‘Lights’ driver which should be interesting! Trying to teach teenagers car control and weight transfer? Good luck.

Ill let you know how tomorrow goes. Here’s the photo from the press release on the Indy Lights website:
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