Here’s a quick update to let you know that I am still alive! I have been super busy putting the finals things together for this year as well as trying to keep up my training program. I am hoping to make an announcement about the team for this season in the next few days (or early next week). As it is within two weeks of the first race, it is highly unusual not to have the team deal nailed down yet. But I am burning the midnight oil to make it happen! Even though that has been eating up most of my time, I have managed to do some other stuff too. I went mountain biking yesterday (after failing to go earlier in the week because my car steamed it’s way to a stop halfway there! More on that later….), have been organizing programs for sponsors, and actually enjoyed a couple evenings where I did as little as possible. 🙂 I also got some really neat video footage of me mountain biking which I will edit and put up here.

So the story on my car: over the weekend, I bought a Thule bike rack to so I could take my mountain bike down to the trail head at Big Sycamore without having to borrow my dad’s pickup. I had my bike all loaded up and was headed down towards the beach, the sun was out, I was going to ride for an hour and a half- life was good. And then it wasn’t! The check engine light flicked on and I looked down to see my temperature gauge rapidly heading towards being pegged over in the red. Not a good sign. So I pulled over onto the shoulder, popped the hood and engulfed the road in steam! An even worse sign I thought. And then my car proceeded to drop all of it’s remaining water on the roadside. 🙁 So after a couple hours of waiting and calling a tow truck and all that entails, I left my car at the mechanic’s shop for a diagnosis. I have yet to hear what happened and that makes me all the more nervous! The worst part was I never got my ride and I was really looking forward to it. That’s why I went yesterday for an hour and a half- no matter who was trying to call me!

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