I was watching a YouTube video from one of my favorite diabetes blogs, SixUntilMe and thought I should search for my name and see what came up. The video below is what popped up! I have never seen the footage from the only time I have been on my head in a race car (knock on wood!). It really doesn’t look as bad now as it felt at the time. Two things I remember from being upside down was first thinking, “Am I dead?” (when I saw the orange jumpsuits of the marshals running to me, I realized I was ok) and then thinking, “There is no way I’m going to race in the final with this car!” The team did an awesome job to get the car fixed and I remember rolling straight off the set-up pad onto the back of the pack for the start of the race. I couldn’t hear it over the engine noise, but a round of applause for the crew followed me down the pitlane! They must have done something right because I went from 28th to 8th in the 25 lap race. My mechanic said that at one point the position and laps to go on my pit board were the same and he was changing them down one each time I went past. Enjoy the video!

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