Over the weekend, I finally found my way to my local music store and bought a few CD’s and then I went online and picked up a few singles as well. Here’s a small insight into the type of music I like to listen to. I have included the top 10 played from my iTunes. Then I’ll give you an idea of what my favorite new stuff is. I use an iPod shuffle when I run, bike and workout; an old school iPod photo in a Bose docking station when I am in my room; and my iPhone when I travel and on planes. So my musical life is usually run through iTunes. The only time I don’t have an Apple product pumping out my music is the radio and CD player in my car.

10. Kryptonite- 3 Doors Down
9. Pain- Jimmy Eat World
8. Inside Out- Eve 6
7. Monkey Wrench- Foo Fighters
6. Sarah Yellin’- 3 Doors Down
5. Open Road Song- Eve 6 (my life’s soundtrack! 🙂 )
4. Losing My Religion- R.E.M.- Sung by Suzie McNeil on Rockstar INXS
3. Rooftops (A Liberation Transmission)- Lostprophets
2. Prelude 12/21- A.F.I
1. Lights and Sounds- Yellowcard (I love the electric violin live)

And my favorite new songs:
Burn it to the Ground- Nickelback
Never Too Late- Three Days Grace
I Don’t Care- Apocalyptica
Ghost Town- Shiny Toy Guns
Undead- Hollywood Undead (Very gritty and pretty explicit)
America’s Suitehearts- Fall Out Boy
Gives You Hell- The All-American Rejects

I am always open to new music and contrary to what my top played and favorite new songs may suggest, I do like a wide variety of music.

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