Seattle this past weekend was a lot of fun! I got to hang out in the Touchdown Village during the Seattle Seahawks pre-game. Fortunately it was indoors because it was quite chilly and threatening rain (as it tends to do in Seattle). We were right inside the front door, which was cool because most people probably weren’t expecting to see an IndyCar–especially the Race With Insulin car–at a football pre-game. It was really neat to meet all of the Seattle Seahawks fans. Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seahawks, has a family connection and has been deeply affected by diabetes, so to be able to go and represent not only Novo Nordisk but also diabetes awareness month and the whole Race With Insulin program was pretty rewarding.

Right when I was walking into the stadium, a guy came up and asked for a couple of autographs for his son. I looked at his name tag and realized it was Mack Strong, the ProBowl fullback that had played his entire career for the Seahawks! It was really cool to be a part of the event and connect with other athletes like that. By the way, the Seahawks totally destroyed the Jets… it was fun to be with the home crowd there!

Now I’m looking forward to visiting Milwaukee, one of my favorite cities with one of the best race tracks in the country, for a couple of hospital visits for World Diabetes Day tomorrow!

Meeting Seahawks fans before the game!
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