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    Speedy awards: 'Excuse Me, Coming Through'

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    The Kimball row of three is complete!

    Say hello to Hannah Kimball

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    A look at National Youth Science Day with 4-H

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    Lessons Learned at 230 mph

    Rudy Project North America blog feature

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    Team CK store is now open!

    New merchandise available

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    Indianapolis 500 Driver Charlie Kimball Races With Type 1 Diabetes

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    After the Checkered

    Video updates from CK's post-season adventures

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    Indy Like a Local: Charlie Kimball

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  • Kimball building momentum after strong Portland showing
    Sep 3

    Kimball building momentum after strong Portland showing

    Via: Racer By:  | September 3, 2019 10:22 AM As Carlin Racing’s Charlie Kimball can attest, sometimes a 10th-place finish feels like a podium. The NTT IndyCar Series veteran was thrust into the No. 23 Chevy for the Portland Grand Prix, and in a result that’s typical of the Californian’s career, he turned a poor day of qualifying into something positive. Motoring from 23rd to 10th, Kimball produced Carlin’s top performance on Sunday which, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t be cause for celebration. However, 2019 has been anything but normal for Trevor Carlin’s outfit. As the British team nears the end of its sophomore season, it’s faced constant change in the cockpit as six drivers have rotated in an out of its seats, missed qualifying for the Indianapolis 500 with two of its three entries, lost Patricio O’Ward to the Japanese Super Formula series, had lead driver Max Chilton cut the remaining ovals from his calendar, and made a midseason engineering change on one of its cars.o

     To have Kimball making steady improvement late in the season, and Chilton, who ran in the top 10 late in the race until falling to 11th, showing well at Portland speaks to the resilience of the Carlin team and its drivers.
    “I’m just happy for these guys because all year they put so much effort in,” Kimball told RACER. “I see it when I’m not in the car almost as much or more than when I am behind the wheel because they’re one of the last ones to leave every day. They’re the first ones here every day. Qualifying was tough for us. Part of that was my not being on a road course since Sonoma last year. Part of that is just getting up to speed and getting going. Once we got there, we got up front. I made a couple of mistakes after the second restart, lost a few spots, but then, it was just metronomic. “It’s nice to really shake all the rust clear before we get down to Laguna for a double points race. Not that we’re in the points championship, but points are always good. It was honestly, it just came down to strategy, great pit stops, giving me the fuel number and me being able to hit it. Of course we want to be talking about podiums and wins, but we’re pleased with the progress we’ve been making. Such things do not happen overnight.” The nine-year IndyCar veteran will complete the season having contested seven of the 17 races on the schedule, and is actively working to make a full-time return in 2020. Longtime sponsor Novo Nordisk, and new energy optimization partner ripKurrent, could play significant roles in helping the 34-year-old achieve his goals as he explores business-to-business relationships in the paddock. “We’re working hard with our partners towards next year,” he said. “The ripKurrent guys had so much fun being with us at Gateway. They were so enthusiastic. The result, we were knocking on the door of the top 10. They just loved it. I think with their business model and some of the business opportunities within the IndyCar product, some of the big energy consumption people like Preferred Freezer on the Ed Carpenter cars, I recently went, ‘Oh, I should introduce those guys to them.’ “There’s just some big energy consumption brands within the sport. Maybe NTT Data and some of their server sites. I think the more I can give them a business reason to back up their enthusiasm, they’re already talking about what next year looks like. Novo Nordisk is talking about next year. Carlin talked about next year. Honestly, at Portland, I was just focused on trying to find my feet again, but beyond that, it’s working to create the best [2020] season possible for myself and my sponsors.”

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  • Indianapolis 500 Driver Charlie Kimball Races With Type 1 Diabetes
    May 21

    Indianapolis 500 Driver Charlie Kimball Races With Type 1 Diabetes

    Via: Forbes

    Racing driver Charlie Kimball has qualified for the 2019 Indianapolis 500, which will be run on Sunday, May 26. He’ll be starting in Row Seven, with a four-lap qualifying speed average of 227.915 mph. But that might not be the most impressive fact about Charlie Kimball’s racing career. Charlie Kimball races with a disability – type 1 diabetes, a condition that he must monitor daily. Kimball is the first licensed IndyCar driver with type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin, the hormone needed to allow glucose to enter cells to produce energy. Type 1 diabetes currently has no cure. It is treated by managing blood sugar levels with insulin, diet and lifestyle. It usually appears during childhood or adolescence, and was once known as “juvenile diabetes.” Kimball was diagnosed with the condition when he was 22, a little later than normal, and has been working with his doctors and trainers since 2007 to maintain his health and fitness. “I got back into a race car three months after my diagnosis,” Kimball said during a phone interview. “My first race after diagnosis was six months later, and I finished second.”
      Kimball has developed systems to manage his blood sugar levels during races. “I use a continuous glucose monitor that is connected to my car’s dash, so all my data is in one place,” he said. Tire pressure, gas and glucose levels all show up on his car’s monitors. He also has a special hydration system. “Most race car drivers use a water bottle to keep them hydrated during races, which can last three plus hours. I have two water bottles, one with regular water, the other with orange juice with added sugar.” Kimball’s father’s expertise came in handy. “I worked with my dad, who is a mechanical engineer, to create a special valve for these two bottles, and we 3D printed it,” he said. “It connects to my seat belt, and with a flick of a switch, I can adjust my glucose level depending on which water bottle I select.”
    Kimball uses Tresiba and Fiasp insulins, products from one of his racing sponsors, Novo Nordisk. “We’ve been working together on the Race With Insulin program for a total of 11 race seasons,” he said. “I spent two years representing them for Indy Lights, and this is our ninth season in IndyCar. It’s great to be able to represent the diabetes community on the racetrack, and to inspire people to do anything they want to do in life.” Kimball maintains a rigorous training schedule to maintain his physical and mental fitness for racing. “I work with a gym called PitFit Training in Indianapolis,” he said. “They train race car drivers almost exclusively. The biggest change in my fitness regimen since my diagnosis is how I prepare for a workout, as various workouts affect my blood sugar differently.”
    He works with an exercise physiologist, David Ferguson from the Department of Kinesiology at Michigan State University. “We’ve been working together for 10 years,” said Kimball. “He examines physiological data and blood sugar data from my racecar, and has narrowed down the ideal blood glucose level for me to get into the racecar.” In addition, Kimball works on his reaction-based timing, as IndyCar drivers must deal with events that occur at 200-plus mph as they navigate the traffic on the track. Away from the track, Kimball’s diabetes still must be managed every day. He relies on his wife, Kathleen, who is very tuned in to his condition. “She can just look at me and tell if my blood sugar is low,” he said. The family also has a secret weapon – Lilah, the Labrador retriever. “When we first adopted her, she was looking for jobs to do – barking at anyone who came to the door, or rearranging our garden,” he said. “Really, we think she was just bored, so we enrolled her in school – and that’s when we discovered that she could be trained as a diabetic alert dog.” Now, Lilah is part of Kimball’s diabetes management toolkit. “If my blood sugar is getting low, she comes up and pokes me in the leg with her nose,” he said. “She is also trained to alert my wife if I’m not responsive. As a black Lab, she’s very food-motivated. And she knows if she accurately alerts me to low blood sugar, she gets a really good treat.” Kimball became the first driver with diabetes to win an IndyCar race when he took the checkered flag in the Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio in August 2013. In that same year, he won his first Rolex 24 at Daytona, driving for Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates with teammates Scott Pruett, Memo Rojas, Juan Pablo Montoya. His best finish to date in the Indianapolis 500 came in 2015, when he finished third. Look for Charlie Kimball in Sunday’s race in the Number 23 Fiasp Carlin Chevrolet, starting in the middle of Row Seven.    

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  • Speedy awards: 'Excuse me, coming through' net positions gained
    Nov 5

    Speedy awards: 'Excuse me, coming through' net positions gained

    Via IndyCar.com At the end of September, the Verizon IndyCar Series handed out its season awards at its Victory Lap event in Indianapolis. But IndyCar.com isn’t finished distributing the special, hard-earned honors we're calling the Speedy Awards. We've been diving deep into the analytics of the 2018 season to find the driver who had the best year according to the loads of data gathered by INDYCAR's elaborate timing and scoring computers at every event. Analysis of raw loop data helps us decide the winners of several awards. The driver with the most Speedy Awards at the end of this series will be crowned the Speedy "Driver of the Year." To read more, please click here. [caption id="attachment_5086" align="aligncenter" width="626"] Photo courtesy of LAT Photo USA[/caption]

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  • The Kimball row of three is complete!
    Oct 19

    The Kimball row of three is complete!

    Charlie and Kathleen Kimball are pleased to announce the birth of their first child, Hannah Kimball. Visit Facebook to see more photos and write a note to the new family of three. [caption id="attachment_5081" align="aligncenter" width="626"] Photo courtesy of Nathaniel Edmunds Photography[/caption]

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  • What do a former Victoria's Secret model and an Indy racer have in common?
    Oct 11

    What do a former Victoria's Secret model and an Indy racer have in common?

    Via Mashable Modeling, racing, and coding. What do they have in common? Well, 4-H is a community trying to get kids excited about coding by teaching them how to animate their own names, with the help of prominent figures. We went to check out their National Youth Science Day event to see how they are inspiring kids to shape their future with some lines of code. To watch the video, please click here.

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  • Drivers are showmen even when cooking for charity
    Oct 11

    Drivers are showmen even when cooking for charity

    Via IndyCar.com It was on the hibachi grill earlier this week that I learned how it felt to run a re-start in the Indianapolis 500. There I was, focused on the task of the spatula in my hand when I saw the shrimp in my peripheral vision. There, on my outside, in a sliver of space barely fit for a chopstick, appeared Alexander Rossi, turning my grill’s vegetarian delicacy into a crustacean cuisine. To read more, please click here [caption id="attachment_5071" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Photo via INDYCAR[/caption]

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  • Lessons learned at 230 mph
    Sep 27

    Lessons learned at 230 mph

    Via RudyProjectNA.com Notes from the track: IndyCar racer Charlie Kimball reflects on his 8th season. CK: The IndyCar Series wrapped up its 2018 season in Sonoma which means I’m swapping my firesuit at the track for a business suit at sponsor meetings, and trading my racing helmet for a Rudy Project Racemaster on weekends. It’s also a good time to look back and take stock of the ups and downs of our 2,261 laps throughout the year. To read more, please click here. [caption id="attachment_5067" align="aligncenter" width="626"] Photo courtesy of Chris Bucher Photography[/caption]

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  • Live from the INDYCAR Grand Prix of Sonoma
    Sep 16

    Live from the INDYCAR Grand Prix of Sonoma

    SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 RESULTS Race: P22 RACE STATS Finishing position: 22nd Starting position: 24th Pit stops: 4 Average speed: 87.901 mph Cautions: 1 for 5 laps total Lead changes: 5 among 3 drivers Race passes: 188 total; 148 for position Championship standing: 17th DEBRIEF "It’s too bad we had a mechanical problem today. I can’t complain about the preparation of the No. 23 Novo Nordisk Chevrolet from the team, the mechanical issue was just out of their control. All year the team has done an incredible job, even today our pit stops were on point. It was a hard day out there today. I think we’re still missing something in the grip and platform window, but now we at least have a year’s worth of data to learn from and be even better next season. A huge thanks to the whole Carlin team, Novo Nordisk, and everyone who supported us this season." VIEWS [caption id="attachment_5060" align="aligncenter" width="626"] Photo courtesy of LAT Photo USA[/caption] Click here for more photos, courtesy of LAT Photo USA. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 RESULTS Practice 3: P13, 1:18.787 Qualifying: P24, 1:18.8495 DEBRIEF "We really struggled with grip during qualifying on the Firestone alternates, so we'll evaluate that for tomorrow. The race will be a very different beast, considering the track grip and tire degradation. With 85 laps, trying to make the fuel mileage for the whole race will be quite interesting. The engineers will figure out what we need for the No. 23 Novo Nordisk Chevrolet car's setup tomorrow and we'll go racing." VIEWS [caption id="attachment_5054" align="aligncenter" width="626"]Photo courtesy of LAT Photo USA Photo courtesy of LAT Photo USA[/caption] Click here for more photos, courtesy of LAT Photo USA. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 RESULTS Practice 1: P18, 1:18.9638 Practice 2: P22, 1:19.0498 DEBRIEF "Obviously the finishing position isn’t what we want from today, but at the same time we learned a lot about what the No. 23 Novo Nordisk Chevrolet needs on the Firestone alternates, which will matter in qualifying tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be a little bit cooler tomorrow, maybe more like it was this morning, which bodes well for us after being a little more competitive in the first practice. We’ll look at all the data and be ready to go for practice tomorrow morning and figure out what we need to do on the alternates tomorrow afternoon." VIEWS IMG_1864

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  • The Kimball Kitchen
    Sep 13

    The Kimball Kitchen

    Via Edible Indy An inside look at IndyCar driver Charlie Kimball’s love of food Watching IndyCar driver Charlie Kimball carefully slice an avocado, it’s hard to imagine this is the same guy who’s built a career zipping around race tracks throughout the world at more than 200 miles per hour. Then again, there are a lot of things that might not be immediately apparent when you first meet the 33-year-old from Ventura County, California. To read more, please click here. [caption id="attachment_5078" align="aligncenter" width="626"] Photo courtesy of Chris Bucher Photographs[/caption]

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  • Tune in: INDYCAR Grand Prix of Sonoma
    Sep 11

    Tune in: INDYCAR Grand Prix of Sonoma

    WATCH All times local/Pacific Live timing and scoring available for all sessions via INDYCAR Race Control Radio: INDYCAR Radio Network, Sirius 212, XM 209 Friday, September 14 11 - 11:45 a.m. Verizon IndyCar Series practice (live stream; delayed broadcast on NBC Sports Network at 1 p.m.) 3 - 4:20 p.m. Verizon IndyCar Series practice and pit stop practice (live on NBC Sports Network) Saturday, September 15 11 - 11:45 a.m. Verizon IndyCar Series practice (live stream) 3 - 4:15 p.m. Verizon IndyCar Series qualifying (live stream; delayed broadcast on NBC Sports Network at 5 p.m.) Sunday, September 16 3:30 p.m. Race broadcast begins on NBC Sports Network 3:40 p.m. Green flag for the INDYCAR Grand Prix of Sonoma (live on NBC Sports Network) FOLLOW • Twitter: @RaceSonoma @IndyCar @CharlieKimball @RaceWithInsulin @CarlinRacing #SonomaGP #IndyCar • Live timing & scoring: INDYCAR Race Control • Mobile app: INDYCAR Mobile by Verizon for Apple and Android • Race weekend appearances RACE STATS • Track: 2.385-mile permanent road course • Race distance: 85 laps / 202.7 miles • Firestone tire allotment: Seven sets primary, four sets alternate; teams must use one set of primary and one new set of alternate tires in the race • Push-to-pass: 150 seconds of total time with a maximum time of 15 seconds per activation • Qualifying format: Three knockout rounds with Firestone Fast Six • Entry list • Spotter guide • Pit lane assignments • Track map • Past driver performance • Race weekend weather forecast IN CK'S WORDS "It’s been such a whirlwind year for the Carlin team… from our first tests in the winter, to qualifying for the Indianapolis 500, a top-five finish, and all of the ups and downs in between. Going into this season, there were so many unknowns. But I knew Carlin had the right people with the right work ethic who would do everything possible to make every weekend a success. Sometimes success looked like a top-five finish, and sometimes it was just evaluating and learning after a tough race. But as we go into the finale at Sonoma Raceway, I know this entire team has grown leaps and bounds since our first laps in St. Pete. I’m looking forward to finishing out the season on a strong note for the No. 23 Novo Nordisk Chevrolet team." [caption id="attachment_5046" align="aligncenter" width="626"] Photo courtesy of INDYCAR[/caption]

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  • Circuit of the Americas joins 17-race schedule for 2019
    Sep 4

    Circuit of the Americas joins 17-race schedule for 2019

    Via IndyCar.com INDYCAR released its 2019 schedule today featuring 17 events, a newly announced race and a new event finale. All the action will be showcased in INDYCAR's first full season with NBC Sports Group. Circuit of the Americas (COTA), the permanent road course in Austin, Texas, will make its debut on the IndyCar Series schedule on Sunday, March 24. It will be the second race of the 2019 season. "COTA is one of the finest motorsports facilities in the world and Austin is a happening city. This a natural fit for the IndyCar Series," said Mark Miles, president and CEO of Hulman & Co., which owns INDYCAR and Indianapolis Motor Speedway. "Indy car racing has a large and passionate fan base in Texas with a hunger to attend more races. This added date will allow us to deliver both oval and road course events to the state in a single season." INDYCAR recently announced a four-year agreement with Texas Motor Speedway, which has hosted 30 Indy car races since 1997. The 2019 race on the Fort Worth superspeedway will be Saturday, June 8 under the lights. Circuit of the Americas founder and chairman Bobby Epstein said the track's fan base has been excited to see INDYCAR race at COTA "from Year 1." The permanent road course opened in 2011. At more than 3 miles, COTA will be the second-longest circuit on the 2019 INDYCAR schedule, behind only Road America (4.048 miles). "It's going to be spectacular," Epstein said. "Our entire team at COTA is excited to welcome the teams, drivers and visitors to our great city, and we know Austin will give them a warm welcome." For the ninth consecutive year, the IndyCar Series season will kick off in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Sunday, March 10. The 1.8-mile temporary street circuit in the Gulf Coast city includes a runway of Albert Whitted Airport. St. Petersburg first hosted Indy cars in 2003 and has continuously since 2005, providing the perfect warm-weather backdrop to usher in the new season. INDYCAR's 2019 season concludes Sunday, Sept. 22 with the championship race at the legendary WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, which has hosted 22 previous Indy car races, the most recent in 2004. The permanent road course near Monterey, California, was last the site for an Indy car season finale in 1996. The centerpiece of the 2019 schedule again includes two races at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where the INDYCAR Grand Prix will be held for the sixth time on the road course, on Saturday, May 11. The 103rd Running of the Indianapolis 500 on the historic 2.5-mile oval will take place Sunday, May 26. A focal point for INDYCAR has been maintaining date equity with racetracks. The 2019 IndyCar Series schedule accomplishes that with a pair of minor exceptions for good reason:

    • Barber Motorsports Park's event shifts two weeks forward to Sunday, April 7. That early April date was the slot that the scenic permanent road course in Birmingham, Alabama, held on the schedule for the first four years of its nine-year run to date;
    • Iowa Speedway returns to a night race at the overwhelming request of fans on Saturday, July 20. It moves back on the calendar by two weeks. Next year's IndyCar Series race will be the 13th on the bullring oval in Newton, Iowa.
    Proof of INDYCAR's track diversity lies in the 2019 schedule that features races on seven permanent road courses, five temporary street circuits and five ovals. Other schedule highlights include:
    • The Grand Prix of Long Beach returning for the 36th consecutive year (Sunday, April 14). Outside of the Indianapolis 500, the event on the iconic Southern California street circuit is the longest running in the sport;
    • Detroit is the site of the season's only doubleheader race weekend (Saturday-Sunday, June 1-2). It will be the seventh time that two Indy car races will be contested on the same weekend on the temporary street course;
    • The streets of Toronto, another popular staple event, returning to the schedule (Sunday, July 14). The urban street circuit in the cosmopolitan Canadian city has been home to 34 previous Indy car races dating to 1986;
    • Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, Illinois, returning for another late-summer race under the lights (Saturday, Aug. 24). Officials at the 1.25-mile oval recently staged a second straight impressive event in the sports-hungry St. Louis market.
    "INDYCAR has worked to deliver a consistency and cadence to the schedule and that is reflected again in 2019," Miles said. "We've added races at a pair of tracks that know how to put on fantastic events, while returning to tracks where INDYCAR has longstanding relationships on familiar race dates. "The diversity of next year's schedule will continue to make what we believe is the most challenging and competitive championship in motorsports." Nearly half of the 2019 races will air on network television as part of a previously announced multiyear media rights deal with NBC Sports Group that will significantly increase INDYCAR exposure. Broadcast times will be confirmed later, but eight races, including the Indianapolis 500, will air on NBC. Nine races will be on NBCSN, with all track activity and additional exclusive content available on NBC Sports Gold, the direct-to-consumer product that will bring subscribers closer to INDYCAR racing than ever before. The complete 2019 IndyCar Series schedule is as follows: Date: Track March 10: Streets of St. Petersburg, Florida March 24: Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas April 7: Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham, Alabama April 14: Streets of Long Beach, California May 11: INDYCAR Grand Prix, Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course May 26: 103rd Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval June 1: Streets of Detroit, Race 1, Detroit, Michigan June 2: Streets of Detroit, Race 2, Detroit, Michigan June 8: Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, Texas* June 23: Road America, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin July 14: Streets of Toronto, Canada July 20: Iowa Speedway, Newton, Iowa* July 28: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, Ohio Aug. 18: Pocono Raceway, Long Pond, Pennsylvania Aug. 24: Gateway Motorsports Park, Madison, Illinois* Sept. 1: Portland International Raceway, Portland, Oregon Sept. 22: WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, Salinas, California (*-night race) (Schedule subject to change)  

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  • Live from the Grand Prix of Portland
    Sep 2

    Live from the Grand Prix of Portland

    SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 RESULTS Race: P7 RACE STATS Finishing position: 7th Starting position: 25th Pit stops: 4 Average speed: 102.799 mph Cautions: 4 for 18 laps total Lead changes: 9 among 6 drivers Race passes: 196 total; 146 for position Championship standing: 17th DEBRIEF "This Carlin team just doesn’t have any 'give up' in them – they don’t know the meaning of the words. I’m proud of these guys, they just stayed with it all day. They worked the fuel strategy, gave me the fuel numbers and lap times that I needed, and we were able to get it with the car. We made a pretty significant change to the No. 23 Novo Nordisk Chevrolet overnight and it really helped our pace throughout the race. I just can’t stress how proud I am of these guys. Yesterday was pretty frustrating and disheartening, but they didn’t let it slow them down today. We had great pit stops and a great strategy, so all I really had to do was drive it into the top 10." VIEWS [caption id="attachment_5033" align="aligncenter" width="626"] Photo courtesy of LAT Photo USA[/caption] Click here for more photos, courtesy of LAT Photo USA and Spacesuit Media. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 RESULTS Practice 3: P23, 58.4342 Qualifying: P25, 58.3219 DEBRIEF "Obviously I’m disappointed with how we qualified today. We made some big strides forward yesterday with the No. 23 Novo Nordisk Chevrolet from the test we did here on Thursday, and even this morning I was still feeling pretty good with where we were. It just didn’t go our way out there. I’m still confident in our race pace and I think with a little bit of strategy we could still come out of Portland with a good result." VIEWS [caption id="attachment_5029" align="aligncenter" width="626"]Photo courtesy of LAT Photo USA Photo courtesy of LAT Photo USA[/caption] Click here for more photos, courtesy of LAT Photo USA and Spacesuit Media. FRIDAY, AUGUST 31 RESULTS Practice 1: P21, 58.3897 Practice 2: P14, 57.885 DEBRIEF "From the first lap we ran today, the No. 23 Novo Nordisk Chevrolet was better than it was yesterday during the test. We worked through a lot on yesterday’s test day and we were able to dig through so much data to come up with a better starting point this morning. Do we still have room to improve? Absolutely, but at the same time we have a solid direction now and we have a really good idea of where we need to go to get stronger throughout the rest of the weekend." VIEWS [caption id="attachment_5021" align="aligncenter" width="626"]Photo courtesy of Spacesuit Media Photo courtesy of Spacesuit Media[/caption] Click here for more photos, courtesy of LAT Photo USA and Spacesuit Media.

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