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Chip Ganassi Racing driver Charlie Kimball is happy to talk about how he has overcome the challenges of a diabetes diagnosis to establish himself as an IndyCar driver. But ultimately, he wants to be known for his results on the track. Kimball spoke about his career with Chris Jenkins, Special to USA TODAY Sports.

Q: Obviously, a lot of people are familiar with you and your story as somebody who is racing with diabetes. Either physically or mentally, how would you describe the challenges you’ve overcome?

Kimball: “I think the biggest challenge you deal with physically with diabetes is it’s something you deal with every moment of every day. For me, if I’m at the racetrack, or traveling for events for Novo Nordisk or even just at home, in the gym, in the office, I have to think about my blood sugar. I have to think about my nutrition. I have to think about taking my insulin with my Novo Nordisk flex pen, balancing my blood sugar so that I’m still healthy and able to do what I want in life. And then when I get to the racetrack, that becomes even more critical. It’s one more sensor for me to check in the car, but getting ready to climb in the car, I have to make sure that I’m preparing my body to the same level that the mechanics prepare the race car.”

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Photo courtesy of LAT Photo USA

Photo courtesy of LAT Photo USA

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