A photo of the car being loaded onto the transporter at Sebring Raceway in Florida. We had just finished our last pre-season test, run lots of miles in hot conditions, made progress with the set up and pumped up for the first race. Here is the press release.

Just got some photos through of my new suit all embroidered and it looks fantastic. I have to really tip my hat to the guys at Sparco USA. I was changing designs up until past the last minute and yet they made it all happen and it looks perfect! I can’t wait to get to the track, pick it up and look good while I am going fast. (I can already hear the mockery coming from my friends for that comment…haha!)

I head up to the track at St. Pete tomorrow. It’s about a 4 hour drive and I plan on napping most of the way. I have tried to have a couple of lower key days to rest, recover and mentally prepare for the race weekend. There is a chance of some thunderstorms this weekend which would make a tough circuit even more challenging. The tough part about street circuits in the rain is that the walls, the changing road surfaces, paint in crosswalks, manhole covers added to the fact that the streets are generally low grip creates quite a driving challenge. Still, I relish the opportunity!

I will try to put short blogs up throughout the weekend with updates on my progress and how I am feeling about everything.

And finally, I read Kerri Sparling’s diabetes blog religiously for its information, humor and insight. Now I am lucky enough to have her interview me. The resultant blog post is here.

See you at the track!!

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