Today marks a special anniversary–my “diaversary,” or diabetes diagnosis date. It gives me a chance to reflect on my life since that day in 2007, when I thought everything would change and my racing dreams were over. But it was also the day my doctor told me there are people with diabetes doing amazing things, every day, all over the world. It turns out, he was right! I’ve met countless people of all ages since my diagnosis that continue to inspire me.

On my diaversary, I also try to take the opportunity to thank those who have helped me along the way… from medical pros to family members, and from young kids I’ve met at conferences to long-time friends. That podium finish for my first race back in the car following my diabetes diagnosis wouldn’t have been possible without all of you. And having type 1 has given me the opportunity to do some really cool things since then, too, like becoming a spokesperson on behalf of Novo Nordisk¬†and sharing diabetes awareness within the IndyCar community.

People with diabetes celebrate in many different ways (or maybe not at all, of course!). Some enjoy a special treat, while¬†others receive gifts–almost like a birthday!–from friends and family. For those in the diabetes community, how do you celebrate your diaversary or the special day of a loved one with diabetes? Share with me using the hashtag #CKsCrew on Twitter and Instagram. Your tweets and pics just might show up on!


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